Saturday, January 29, 2011

Two Anti Gravity Concepts


  1. @Ajish Itz Inverted Image Of Water Drop From A Tap.

  2. Abhulla,

    How are you?

    so which camera u r using?

    one small advise i would like to give u, whenever u post any photography on blog , be choosy n hard critics of your own photograph... we should not post each n every photograph on blog which we click... when u start criticizing your photogrphy you will gradually realized what to click n what not to click..

    best of luck.. by the way nice try to catch drop... but without having DSLR with macro lens , we can not catch drop in a way we want.. but anyway it good for learning..

    keep in touch...

  3. @ Deepviewfinder Thanx for ur valuable advise now am using nikon coolpix L100 point and shoot.